Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now There Are Three!

This is Liger.  She may become Gertrude or Trudy or Gertie.( it depends on what the kiddos want to call her)  She is our third crested gecko and she just arrived today!  See, she's even in her little travel pod(deli cup with damp paper towel). She will soon make herself comfy in her quarantine tank until she is ready to move in with Beazus.  She is a very sweet yellow tiger morph with no tail.  We are happy campers here.  We are hoping that this new little friend will be a happy camper too, when she gets over the stress of her journey.


T.Allen said...

congrats on your new friend! :) long time, no see.

nicaeli said...

Hey Tameka!

I'm so glad to see you around again:) Thanks for the congrats!

Take care!