Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Sure Do Miss The Rain

It's been beautiful here during the last couple of weeks. Sunshine and blue sky with super chilly nights, and a little fog here and there. The trouble is, that when it is sunny here, I feel it is my duty to be outside with my kids, not stuck inside the house sewing and carryin' on and such. We should be out PLAYIN' IN THE SUN!!!! Fortunately/Unfortunately I am pretty busy right now with lots o' different things. I am preparing for my next fair and trying to work on some custom orders in between. I miss the rain for that reason. Work. I need to get a lot done and the rain is all I need to keep me from daydreaming about frothy coffee drinks and playing in the park. I just work, then play a little bit, then work again. I need that right now. Plus, there is nothing like hangin' out in the big chair drinking hot coffee with a little splash of eggnog while the kiddos and I cuddle and watch the rain fall outside. That is what the rainy season here is all about to me. Oh well, hopefully we'll see some soon, right now, I'll just be happy with an overcast day or two and some fog.

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