Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Lulu the Crested Gecko
 Since we lost Jonesie and the field mice, we decided that it was just too lonely here and we really needed to find a friend for the very lonely vivarium and put a little cheer into our lives.

So, last Monday we headed out to our local pet supply shop to look at their selection of little critters that would work out for our vivarium and we came home with Lulu!  Ciaran named him/her on the way home from the shop.  He/she is a baby crested gecko and only measures about four inches long right now.  He/she makes a very lovely addition to our house of toddlers, tortoises, and tabby cats!  Lulu seems to really like his/her new home, he/she has been exploring every corner of it with his/her little sticky toes!   

( I am using his/her  a lot because it is too early to tell if Lulu is a girl or boy, so in a few months we should know and his/her name will be Lulu or Lou.) 

Other than that, I am excited about the Fall and Winter and all the fun that comes along with it.  I will be doing the Ink People Center for the Arts Holiday Gift Fair this year.  After a year off!  I made myself  a "get busy or die!" list.  I sure hope I follow it!  Too much procrastination and self doubt these last few months, it's time to get over myself and back to work! 

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